RPL means?

This is a process of credit giving for experience, knowledge and skills which are achieved through working and learning. It can be achieved at any phase of their lives, through formal and informal learning in Australia or overseas over work or other actions such as volunteering.

RPL Stages

The general RPL process mainly consists of the successive stages which are-

  • Verifying the necessary evidence.
  • Student consultancy regarding the process.
  • Delivering sufficient information for preparing their evidence.
  • Evaluation of using proper evidence to gather methods and tools.
  • Registering the outcome.
  • Reporting to the chief stakeholders.

RPL assessment

  • Same standard as other evaluation for the certification.
  • Learning should be recognized any time whether it is previous or present and the logical perspective should available.
  • The candidness of recorded proof needs to be assured and the process must be valid and trustworthy.
  • Practical alteration for literacy, culture and experiences should be there as results of learning.
  • Specific evaluation required for separate qualification elements.