RPL Evidence Checklist

RPL Evidence Checklist

Intellectuals from RPL and Australian Education Counsel will assist in evaluating the best documents which can be customized in the RPL procedure. Present employers or former job holders can submit this materials. While, you have completed submission of your documents, it will not be revealed and aftermath of this we will definitely make communication about their anxieties in order to property rights with intellectual and issues with trademark.


  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letters
  • Outline of the organization in which you are working
  • Link to online resume (e.g. LinkedIn)


  • References from current and past employers
  • References from managers
  • Third party reports

Performance assessment

  • Performance reviews
  • Letters of assistance
  • Workplace awards, credentials
  • Evaluation forms
  • Training sessions


  • Drafted Letters
  • Drafted Reports
  • Drafted Plans
  • Organized Seminars
  • Assessment tools
  • Workplace Documents
  • Policies and procedures of workplace

Photographic and video evidence

  • Photographs or videos while working
  • Photographs or videos of executing a task

Education, training and qualifications

  • Credentials
  • Statements of Attainment
  • Statements of Completion

Job Description

  • Visiting cards
  • Timeframe
  • Conference notes
  • Daily routine in terms of “To Do List”
  • Team work, presenting your roles and duties
  • Result oriented action

Policies and procedures

  • Principles
  • Background documents
  • Standard Set

Workplace communication

  • Communication through E-mail
  • Conference notes

Bookkeeping and financial records

  • Book keeping and Financial documents
  • Determining budgets/ other samples