Credit Transfer (RPL)

Credit Transfer

Credit transfer defines acknowledgement of the earlier formal and informal learning, workforce experience, career development, occupational licensing and exams and other work on the basis of education and training etc.


  • Credit transfer is accessible in terms of both undergraduate and postgraduate studies with considering the institution.
  • . In perspective of prior vocational education and training sessions credit can be given too.
  • If you are able to elucidate suitable former learning experience, you will be qualified for expected credit transfer.
  • Ultimately, you need to complete the required number of courses or units which can be minimized through effective credit transfer.
  • In some circumstances, this can reduce the approximate time to accomplish a program, or it can also minimize the study pressure for each term.
  • If you accept you offer to admit in a program, then your credit transfer application will be evaluated.


  • The first and foremost disadvantage of credit transfer is that it’s a time consuming process.
  • The second shortcoming would be that, you have to maintain regulation with the institution.


  • If you have the experience of completing study in the previous ten years, then you might be apt for credit to your preferred course.
  • If you intend to complete the credit transfer application, then you must have authentic supporting materials.

Credit Transfer in terms of Other Institutions

If you are taking study previously at some other institutions, then you must be required to provide an application for credit transfer form with all the supportive materials which are pertinent. Furthermore, you will be needed to have the details of your supporting materials which are required for non-irrelevant credit transfer kit for your school or course.

At the end of it all, every supporting document need to be received by the authority before starting the evaluation process. Please, remember that, this is your duty to deliver these documents which must be genuine because we do not have the accountability to other institutions on your behalf.