Academic Pre-requisite

The academic requirements are very crucial to prosper in a country like Australia. It mostly depends on the level of education which you wish to achieve. There are different institutions who have a wide range of entry requirements in terms of admittance. Subsequently, some simple steps will be identified to get admitted in the numerous types of study in Australia

English Language

English is the prime language to study or communicate in Australia. For this reason, English as an entry requirements always different from one institution to another. In some circumstances, you will be also needed to complete foundation course which mostly depends on what course you propose to study.


In perspective of studying in Australia entry requirements are quite different in comparison with one school to another and one state to another. Academic performance & credentials will be watched vigilantly through the application process.

Career-oriented education & Training Institutions

There is no entrance exam for professional education and training sessions in maximum number of institutions. Nonetheless, different courses have different requirements which will include working experience or criteria-based subjects.


If you wish to have entrance in Australian undergraduate course, then you must complete an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education previously which means 12 years of education in comparison to overseas education system. Particular requirements may also be applied in a few undergraduate courses.


If you have accomplished one degree minimally at the undergraduate level with suitable results, then your preferred institution will take a look at your position regarding research skill and non-irrelevant job experience into account for postgraduate.

If you wish to match your academic pre-requisite with the high school qualification of Australia, then you will have to take foundation course presumably. These sorts of courses can be called as linking study. These types of study will be beneficial to meet the basic requirements for entrance. These studies are generally termed as for one year while most of the institution give emphasize on these studies due to meet pre-requisition of each and every student under their radar.

AEC’s Required Documents for Student Admission is given below-

  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy in terms of onshore students
  • IELTS/PTE/TOFEL result
  • Academic Credentials: a) Offshore Docs-i) Certificate ii) Transcripts
    b) Onshore Docs-ii) Certificates ii) Transcript
  • Present CoE (onshore student)
  • Health Insurance
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Police Clearance
  • Skill Assessment